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The Lightweight Plate Carrier Vest from Rothco is not your typical plate carrier vest, weighing in at just over 1 pound this tactical vest offers superior. FLEX-PRO™ Series. The FLEX-PRO™ is the lightest ballistic package in the EnGarde® line of soft armor panels. It is an ideal choice for customers looking for an. Super Lightweight hard armor | NIJ level 3 (III) PGD-S-LW-ICW+ The S-LW-ICW+ hard armor plate is a high-end plate with a thickness of only 13 mm and a weight. The Shellback Tactical SF Lightweight Armor System provides level III+ armor protection while being lightweight and mobile. 12 products · RTS Tactical Lightweight Level III+ Rifle Special Threats Inserts - 10X12 · RTS Tactical Lightweight Level III+ Rifle Special Threats Inserts -.

LIGHTWEIGHT PLATES · Listed on this page for your convenience are our lightest weight rifle protection plates. · Two Highcom RSTP Multi Curve Level 3+ ICW. Dayton Armor produces the world's thinnest, lightest body armor for our military, law enforcement, first responders and civilians. Military Grade. American Made‚ | We Develop & Manufacture Advanced Lightweight Body Armor. Level III+ Rifle Plates at lbs (M) NIJ Certified. Most lightweight Level III plates are made of pure poly and can't even defeat a single round of M at all. They can only stop M Only plate. Get a set of the lightest, Level III body armor plates on the market. Predator Armor's Lightweight Level III Body Armor Plates provide superior protection! RMA manufactures lightweight & thin Special Rifle Threat body armor capable of defeating common rifle rounds - from & m to ma1 & x39 AP BZI. Discover the Agile PE from Premier Body Armor, an ultra-light, ultra-thin Level IIIA SAPI plate. Weighing just lbs and only " thick. Be prepared for any battlefield contingency with Rothco's durable Laser Cut Lightweight Armor Carrier MOLLE Vest. The lightweight leather armor is a piece of armor in Fallout: New Vegas. This suit of leather armor has been hand-modified to reduce its overall weight by 5. Lightweight stab resistant body armor. Lightweight Armis IIIA Hard Body Armor and Spartan DL Concealment Plate Carrier. lightweight level III armor · 1) Highcom RSTP Multi Curve 10x12 Level 3+ ICW Shooters Cut Plates: ($1, per set) lbs per plate, ".

What are the lightest rifle plates? The lightest rifle plates are currently weighing 1 pound for an 10x12 multi-curve plate that will stop the popular AR Designed for those who need rifle-rated protection over extended distances without the burden of extra weight, the Elaphros body armor plates weigh only lbs. Our lightweight A2 armor plate from Armored Republic is steel alloy with level 3 plus protection, year shelf life, and multi-hit capability. DFNDR Armor® Side Plate Armor is equipped with a state-of-the-art Trauma Mitigation Base to minimize the energy of an impact dramatically. Our 10×12 inch single-curve hard armor swimmer cut plate is certified NIJ Level IV Stand Alone. Manufactured from high-density alumina ceramic core . Armor Piercing Rifle Rated Up To M2 AP; Independently tested to NIJ protocol ; Boron Carbide Ceramic & UHMWPE; Plate Size: 10 x12”ESAPI. The EnGarde® DeLuxe™ concealable body armor is one of our best selling vests. Specialized fabric engineered for total comfort. Ships factory-direct. Body armor company with % made in USA concealable and tactical body armor solutions. We sell bulletproof vests, Level 3A and Level III body armor. The Level III AR / Lightweight Level III+ Steel Body Armor 10" x 12" Plate under Body Armor/Level III+ Lightweight from empireangels.ru is ideal for.

Looking for the best lightweight level IV body armor plates that exceed industry standards? At just pounds, this multi-curve SRT light weight body armor plate allows the user to be quick and agile on his feet, while still boasting the stopping. For civilian protection purposes, the lightweight body armors make a lot more sense than the heavy military-grade ones. Here are 4 benefits of the body armor. Light weight true Multi-hit Level IV plate that far exceeds NIJ Requirements and the Level IV is not only one of the lightest plates on the market for this. NIJ Certified Level IV Lightweight Swimmer Plates () ~SOLD IN PAIRS~ The is a high end ballistic solution comprised of a Boron Carbide ceramic.

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